Thursday, April 28, 2011

Star Security Sytems Release Statement

Star Security Systems (S3) said that the people within the vault, which is air tight, should have enough air to last them through out the evening.

S3 says the vault should be open by 7 PM.

"S3 is committed to providing excellent customer service to our customers, no matter how unusual the situation might be," said company President Marge Jacobsen. "We are confident that all people stuck inside our vault will be returned to their families soon."

No further statements are being issued by S3 at this time.

According to an article written by Matt Cantham of The Affiliated Press on June 9 of 2009, S3 filed for bankruptcy after dealing with court issues brought forward by banks who were reporting malfunctions to their S3 computerized bank vaults.

The article states that credit union customers were unable to access their safety deposit boxes for two weeks and S3 failed to act upon a well known issue of their vault computers malfunctioning.

"Company officials pledged to fix the problems, stated Cantham. "...but the waiting list is hundreds of banks long and Star acknowledged that it could be several years before all the vaults are fixed"

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