Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Community Bank Employee Killed by Friendly Fire in Gunfight!

Three officers are under investigation concerning the death of First Community Bank employee, Bob Carlyle. The officers are on paid leave until further notice.

Carlyle was hit by friendly fire from one of three police officers involved in the gunfight with gunmen inside the bank.

Carlyle was the bank employee who hid under the bank counter.

"As police officers we strive to conduct our jobs with the utmost respect to community safety," said Police Chief Nora Young. "While it appears as though Mr. Carlyle's death was the result of a tragic accident that occurred in the midst of our officers' efforts to stop three robbers who had already murdered two civilians, it is important that we complete the vital and transparent process of determining what could have prevented this terrible circumstance."

The other victims injured in the gun fight have yet to be revealed.

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