Thursday, April 28, 2011

Police Take Down Robbers

In a statement released by the police, when SWAT arrived at the scene, the bank robbers had already killed two people inside the bank. It has been confirmed that there were three armed men who entered the bank.

Alice Angelo, one of the witnesses out side the bank, stated that two of the men were caring shotguns and the third was caring a pistol.

One of the robbers fired a shot out the bank window towards officers and one of the commanding officers issued the command to return fire. Police officers killed two of the men and mortally wounded the third. The third man was taken by ambulance to the Community Valley Hospital but died on route.

A civilian that was hiding under one of the counters in the bank was injured during the gunfight and has been transported to Community Valley, The civilian is in stable condition.

The vaults wall-mounted control panel was damaged in the gunfight, which is the cause for the five civilians being trapped inside.

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